With flexible options tailored to meet individual needs, you have the peace of mind knowing they are in the hands of someone who will look after everything in your home. All services are tailored to your needs, but generally include regular maintenance of your plants, indoors and outdoors, caring for your pets and your home:

  • Plant sitting: watering and caring for your indoor plants, greenhouse and gardens.
  • House & Pet sitting: house sit whilst you are away, looking after your home, pets and plants.
  • Pet visits: home visits to care for your pets and water your plants if needed.
  • Allotments: watering, picking + storing produce and weeding.
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It's difficult to give a quote by email before assessing what is required. The length of stay, the number of visits, pet care or just plant or house are all factors that affect the price.

However, costs start from £10 visits and plant care. One-off visits can be arranged and plant care in offices are also catered at reasonable costs.

"Thank you very much for the excellent care. Cats are very happy, I didn't get the usual 'not talking to you' attitude from the cats, and the plants survived and looking healthy" - Eva