Our aim is to ensure your plants will be healthy, vibrant, clean, fresh and attractive at all times. All services are tailored to meet the individual needs, but generally include regular maintenance for: indoor plants, green/living walls, roof gardens, court-yards, outdoor pots and hanging baskets. Visits are made as and when needed and weather depending if outdoors. The care and maintenance includes:

  • Watering & Feeding: plants checked on each visit and watered. If required plant feed is added.
  • Cleaning: plants cleaned using non-toxic/organic solutions, pots wiped over and dead leaves removed.
  • Trimming/Pruning: unhealthy leaves and stems removed, if needed plants pruned to shape.
  • Pest Control: general hygiene measures to physically remove pests, we do not use chemicals on indoor plants.
  • Replacement plants: any dead plants are replaced. For small pots there is no charge, unless required due to damage or theft.
  • Plant-sitting & House-sitting (Residential): suitable if you are away on holiday and no one to care and water your plants, gardens, even allotments or even to look after your pets and home.


It is difficult to give prices or a quote by email before assessing what is right for your business.

The type and size of the plants and container, the number of plants, where your plants are, if you have green wall accessibility, the number of visits and length of contract are all factors that affect the price.

However, costs start from just £65 a month for care and maintenance if on contract. One-off visits can be arranged and private homes are also catered for at very reasonable costs.

We have 15% off for any new business customers.

If you already have a plant care system which you are not happy with, please contact us to arrange a visit to your premises and provide you with a free quote.

Why use the service?

  • You will have healthy, fresh, clean looking plants at all times, making rooms a pleasure to be in.
  • We are an independent business operating in central and south Manchester.
  • We maintain a close working relationship with our clients to always ensure a high quality service.
  • We specialise in indoor plants, not a general outdoor gardening company.
  • Reliable, flexible and offer a more direct and personal service than our bigger competitors.
  • There are no fixed term contracts, we believe if you are satisfied with our service you keep working with us. Your needs can change why risk being tied in for a long term maintenance contract?
  • We believe in organic natural plant care, we do not use harmful chemicals.
  • Our low overheads mean competitive prices and value for your money.
  • We offer a fast and efficient service.
"Plants make Interiors feel looked after, spacious, and clean.
They have a cooling effect in warm rooms"